Heston Blumenthal

Chef and Owner of The Fat Duck and Dinner

Entirely self-taught, Heston Blumenthal is the most progressive chef of his generation.

In 2004 he won the coveted three Michelin stars in near-record time for his restaurant The Fat Duck. It has repeatedly been voted into the top ten of the World’s Best Restaurants by an international panel of 800 experts, as has his second restaurant Dinner. In 2006 he was awarded an OBE.



Heston Blumenthal's Appliance Science

Heston Blumenthal is the most progressive chef of his generation. In these videos he explores the food challenges that Breville design teams have mastered through appliance science.

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Introducing Heston Blumenthal

This is the Heston Blumenthal who feels that he always has something more to learn about his craft, who strives to understand exactly how cooking works — even the simplest, most familiar methods and preparations — and who loves to share that understanding with cooks of every level of expertise.


In the Kitchen

Until recently the preparation, cooking and eating of food was not generally considered worthy of sustained scientific study. Now, things have changed.


Foreword to The Big Fat Duck Cookbook

In 2008, Heston Blumenthal released the cookbook The Fat Duck Cookbook. Harold McGee wrote the foreword. In it, he describes early correspondence with Heston and their first meeting at the Molecular and Physical Gastronomy workshop in Erice, Sicily.


Appliance Science with Heston Blumenthal

Chef Heston Blumenthal takes the scientific method normally reserved for his cooking and recipe testing and applies it to common kitchen appliances. He breaks down the jobs they perform and how thoughtful design and engineering can make them better.


The Book of the Centuries

You think you know about British cooking? Think again. A sneak peak at the greatest British dishes, as reinvented by Heston Blumenthal, chef and proprietor of the three-Michelen-starred Fat Duck — presented in a gloriously lavish package.



Heston Blumenthal’s Lemon tart

Heston Blumenthal’s Pumpkin soup