Sweet Recipes

  • bloodOrangeCheeseCake_FI

Mini Blood Orange Cheesecakes

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These individual sized cheescakes are bloody good and with a zing of citrus they taste ...Read More

  • raspberryCupcakes_FI

Raspberry Cupcakes

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Light and airy, these cupcakes taste like summer and sunshine. Topped with buttercream and fresh ...Read More

  • chocBrownieCheesecake_FI

Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

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Love cheesecake? Love brownies? Then you will love having both in one bite with these ...Read More

  • passionFruitYoyos_FI

Passionfruit Yo Yos’

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You certainly cannot have just one of these melt-in-your-mouth treats. Stack them up in glass ...Read More

  • appleTeaCake_FI

Apple Tea Cake

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The finished cake looks like it belongs in a bakery, but this is easy to ...Read More

  • lemonShortbread_FI

Lemon Shortbread

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These cookies do not fall short! Enjoy these perfectly crafted simple shortbread cookies are topped ...Read More

  • carmelChipPeanutButterCookies_FI

Caramel Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

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Caramel, check. Peanut butter, check. Gooey and delicious, check. Combine all of these for a ...Read More

  • chocChipIceCreamSand_FI

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Is there anything better than homemade ice cream sandwiches? Take some time and make these ...Read More

  • mochaMousseCake_FI

Mocha Mousse Cake

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If you are looking to impress and indulge, try this Mocha Mousse Cake. It looks ...Read More

  • 1611_tahiniCookiesFI+

Tahini Sandwich Cookies with Tahini–Cream Cheese Frosting

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Back in high school, I loved Nutter Butters so much I used to doodle little ...Read More

  • 1609_cherryTartFI

Chocolate Cherry Tart

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Please make this recipe so you can understand what true happiness is. It has a ...Read More

  • 1606_limeDonutsFI

Lime Doughnuts

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The dough here is a spin-off of the no-knead Brioche dough from our first book. ...Read More

  • lemonGingerSouffle_FI

Lemon Ginger Mousse Soufflés

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These light, billowy individual soufflé-like mousses are a variation on a pie filling in my ...Read More

  • pavlova_FI

Peaches and Cream Pavlova

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Years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with famed Aussie chef Nicky Major about ...Read More

  • ampleHillsWaltsDream_FI

Walt’s Dream – Pure Sweet Cream Ice Cream

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Most of the recipes in this book begin with a sweet cream base we call ...Read More

  • chocolateMilkCookies

Chocolate Milk and Cookies Ice Cream

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Chocolate milk meets sweet cream and cookies. Comfort food meets the ultimate comfort drink. This ...Read More

  • strawberriesCream

Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream

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Of course all strawberry ice cream is strawberries and cream, isn’t it? (At least if ...Read More

  • blackCowFloat

Black Cow Float

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If you walked into an ice cream parlor in 1947 and ordered a root beer ...Read More

  • 1504_blueberryGrunt

Blueberry Grunt

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During my childhood summers, we’d often be in the fortunate position of having more blueberries ...Read More

  • 1504_pannaCotta

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta with Strawberry-Rhubarb Sauce

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I like to serve this panna cotta parfait-style, in clear glasses, with the ruby-red fruit ...Read More

  • 1504_grillTarts


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We all know handheld, sweet-filled tarts like these by a more familiar (yet trademarked) name. ...Read More

  • 1504_goldenYogurtCake

Absinthe’s Golden Yogurt Cake

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This moist, simple cake has a tender golden crumb and a subtle citrus flavor. I ...Read More

  • 1504_yogurtMousse

Yogurt Mousse with Orange Marmalade & Toasted Almonds

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This fluffy mousse tastes like a luscious cheesecake without the crust, and it makes an ...Read More

  • 1504_vetebullar

Vetebullar Cinnamon and Cardamom Buns

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Bullar (buns) are perhaps the quintessential component to a Swedish coffee break, and vete in ...Read More